Fresh Leadership for Illinois

Cost of Living

Public Safety


While we pay some of the highest taxes in the country, we don’t get the value for the taxes we pay. Inflation is skyrocketing, small businesses are struggling, and Illinoisans are wrestling with rising costs of daily life. Our citizens not only need, but deserve, a break – not a tax hike!  We must adopt pro-growth policies that help small and local businesses thrive so our economy can support the high cost of government, and we must return the savings to taxpayers.  

The primary role of government is to ensure public safety, but short-sighted policies have created a consequence-free environment. Lawlessness in Chicago is causing ripple effects throughout suburban Cook County. We must enforce criminal laws, support victims, and defend — not defund — our police. As a former prosecutor, Jack will fight for victims’ rights, support law enforcement, and provide a check against rogue prosecutors who put politics before protecting the public.

Children deserve access to education that is reliable and consistent, but years of uncertainty have had a negative impact on both children and families.  We must keep students in the classroom and reintroduce the educational and developmental opportunities children lost during the pandemic.  Parents and teachers should work together to better prepare children for the next grade level and for college or careers.  This requires action at both the state and local levels, and parents deserve a seat at the table.