A Contrast on the Ballot

Jack Vrett

Vrett on Taxes & Inflation
  • Opposes increasing the gas tax.

  • Opposes tax hikes on working families.

  • Opposes the retirement tax and fought for retirees and taxpayers in court to oppose the progressive income tax & retirement tax amendment.

  • Opposes wasteful spending which hurts small businesses and adds to inflation.

  • Opposes pay raises for legislators and supports term limits and fair maps.

Vrett on Crime
  • Opposes the Kim Foxx agenda and has pledged to vote for HB5712, the law to recall Kim Foxx as our State’s Attorney.

  • Sounded the alarm on the “SAFE-T” Act and will fight to repeal provisions that threaten crime victims and police.

  • Opposes HB3447 and has vowed to crack down on drug dealers, gangs, and illegal guns in our neighborhoods and schools.

Mark Walker

Walker on Taxes & Inflation
  1. Voted to double the gas tax. 

  2. Voted to increase income taxes 66%.

  3. Sponsored the progressive income “Fair” tax amendment which was predicted to lead to a tax on retirement income and raise taxes on middle-class families.

  4. Voted for the largest state spending plan in history, adding to inflation.

  5. Supported pay raises for legislators and voted in favor of gerrymandered maps.

Walker on Crime
  1. Endorsed Kim Foxx as our State’s Attorney, calling her the “national example” of criminal justice reform.

  2. Voted for HB3653, the “SAFE-T” Act, which eliminates cash bail and endangers crime victims and police.

  3. Sponsored HB3447 which decriminalizes possession of drug dealer quantities of fentanyl and hard drugs to a misdemeanor.

Walker on Taxes & Inflation

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Walker & Crime
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