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End Policies That Hurt Our Economy & Cost Us Jobs

Jack Vrett calls on State Representative Mark Walker to stop supporting policies that hurt our economy and cost us jobs.

"Working families in Illinois continue to struggle under high taxes and a lagging economy. State Representative Mark Walker and the Democrats in Springfield are responsible for reckless policies that make it harder for families who are suffering under inflation to make ends meet, and for our small businesses to keep their doors open. With the third highest unemployment rate in the country, and the highest level of unemployment in the Midwest, our economy is simply falling behind the rest. We deserve a representative in Springfield who will cut taxes and simplify regulations so our businesses can stay open, and our citizens can enjoy quality of life through reliable and rewarding careers. We need to end Mark Walker’s irresponsible policies that hurt our economy and cost us jobs."

Statement by Jack Vrett, candidate for State Representative in the 53rd District.

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