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Mark Walker must accept responsibility for damaging our economy and making life unaffordable

Working families and seniors across the northwest suburbs are getting slammed by the economic failures of career politicians like Mark Walker and his out-of-touch, high-tax priorities. While we all struggle with record high prices for everyday necessities such as food, gas, electricity, and rent due to out-of-control inflation, Mark Walker and his allies continue pushing for additional higher taxes on hard working people.

After voting for the largest state spending plan in our history, and hiking taxes on individuals and small businesses, Walker still refuses to learn from his years of mistakes – or even accept responsibility for his role in damaging our economy and making it harder and harder each year for people to afford to live here.

Unlike Walker, I believe the best way to combat inflation, improve the economy, and make daily life more affordable, is to put more money back in the pockets of workers, families, and seniors with meaningful and long-term tax relief. We need to give our small businesses a break so they can start producing and get our economy running again to stop inflation.

When elected to the Illinois State House of Representatives, I’ll fight to repeal unnecessary financial burdens like the grocery tax and the recent gas tax hike so working families and seniors can keep more of their hard-earned paychecks and ensure they can make ends meet.

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