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Prevent Tax Increases on Small Business

Jack Vrett calls on State Representative Mark Walker to take immediate action to prevent tax increases on small businesses

"Small businesses in our communities are under threat of imminent collapse unless the Democratic super-majority in Springfield takes immediate action. Pointing to record-breaking inflation and a weak economy, nearly half of small business owners report they fear going out of business by this fall – and Illinois lawmakers are making things worse. Despite an unexpected windfall in state revenues, State Representative Mark Walker and his allies failed to pay back $1.8 billion in debt owed to the federal government for pandemic assistance. As a result, small businesses across Illinois will experience a spike in taxes. Meanwhile, families relying on unemployment payments will see benefits decrease, and taxpayers will be forced to pay more in interest. We deserve a representative in Springfield who will fight to protect small businesses that employ our neighbors and contribute to the character of our community. I join members of our small business community to demand Mark Walker call for a special session of the legislature to repay the State’s unemployment debt and avoid passing these costs off to small businesses, unemployed workers, and taxpayers."

Statement by Jack Vrett, candidate for State Representative in the 53rd District.

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