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Rep. Mark Walker Doubles Down on Support of SAFE-T Act

Walker Ignores Families’ Safety Concerns and Blames Media for “Fear-Mongering”

Arlington Heights, IL- State Rep. Mark Walker doubled down on his support of the SAFE-T Act and stood behind his decision to decriminalize drug dealer levels of fentanyl during his recent editorial board interview with the Daily Herald calling the SAFE-T Act “technically accurate.”

Despite horrific levels of violence and pushback from 100 out of 102 States Attorneys across Illinois, Walker stood up for the radical changes to public safety and called criticisms of the bill, “unbelievable nonsense and disgraceful.” He also went on to blame the media and said, “When people understand what is in the bill a month from now, including all the reporters, that we’re gonna be onto another topic to try and figure out how to scare the populace.”

“Rep. Mark Walker is digging his heels into this bad legislation instead of listening to the families, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials who have honest and deep concerns about the impact that the elimination of cash bail will have on the safety of their communities,” said Jack Vrett, candidate for State Representative.

Cook County recorded more than 1,000 murders in 2021, the most in three decades. The crime rate in Chicago is also at a five-year high in every category.

“Walker is finding himself alone on an island with the likes of Kim Foxx and few other Democratic elected officials who are still trying to defend this deeply flawed and anti-public safety legislation,” said Vrett.

“Voters have a choice in November. They can choose to support an incumbent State Representative who ignores their real concerns on public safety and chalks it up to “exaggeration,” or they can vote for me, who will repeal the SAFE-T Act that hampers prosecutors' abilities to put criminals behind bars and makes local families’ safety my number one priority.”

Jack Vrett is an Army veteran who served in Afghanistan and was later assigned as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney. Jack and his wife Rose Marie live in Arlington Heights and are active members in their community and are members of the local VFW and serve on their Parish Council.


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