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Repeal the "SAFE-T Act"

Jack Vrett calls on State Representative Mark Walker to stop supporting legislation that makes it harder for law enforcement to keep us safe.

"State Representative Mark Walker is endangering crime victims and police, as well as threatening the safety of our communities. Walker voted for the 'SAFE-T Act,' the controversial crime bill that was the byproduct of the 'defund the police' movement. It restricts pre-trial detention which prosecutors use to protect the public and ensure a defendant appears in court for trial. We need common sense crime laws, not radical legislation that endangers our community and gives offenders a pass. I join law enforcement professionals and residents in our communities to demand Mark Walker apologize for voting in favor of this irresponsible legislation, and demand that he calls on his allies in Springfield to repeal the dangerous SAFE-T Act before it is too late."

Statement by Jack Vrett, candidate for State Representative in the 53rd District

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