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State Representative Candidate Jack Vrett’s Statement on Madigan Indictment

Arlington Heights, IL. – The announcement of former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan‘s indictment on public corruption charges is not shocking. For years, many of the hardworking citizens of Illinois have known how he and his allies abused their authority for personal advantage, power, and profit.

As a former military prosecutor, I salute the U.S. Attorney’s Office and federal agents who worked to bring Madigan’s misconduct to light, and I commend the bravery of the women and men serving on the federal grand jury who courageously stood up for justice and the rule of law.

But the fight against corruption in Illinois is far from over. Until just last year, Madigan was still the Chair of the Illinois Democratic Party. While this indictment is progress, it does not stop the machine Madigan created or remove the people he recruited and funded from their positions of power.

The politicians in Springfield who repeatedly voted to keep Madigan in power and accepted his money should be on notice. Each was complicit—if not legally, then morally—if they had any part in furthering, or benefiting from, Madigan’s criminal enterprise.

We must keep fighting to restore the rule of law in Illinois. The People of Illinois deserve nothing less.

* Reference to Jack Vrett’s military service does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Army or Department of Defense.


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