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The High Stakes of this Election with Public Safety on the Ballot

Updated: Nov 8

With crime and public safety on the ballot this November, the stakes of this election could not be higher. Voters will decide whether the career politicians who blindly went along with extreme anti-police, anti-prosecutor, and anti-victim legislation should be trusted with two more years in office. When the SAFE-T Act goes into effect in January, judges across Cook County will start releasing criminals currently held in custody as a danger to the community. This because of new, lenient standards that make protecting the public nearly impossible for prosecutors in all but the rarest of circumstances. This means that people charged with armed robbery, drug trafficking, and carjacking, or even murder, will start walking free – while families fear for their safety.

Our elected officials have failed us. The primary role of government is to protect the public, but politicians like Mark Walker have rubber stamped the most dangerous and thoughtless overhaul of our criminal justice system through his support of the SAFE-T Act. Victims, police, and innocent families across Cook County will pay the price. Mark Walker should be ashamed of himself. He abdicated his responsibilities to the residents of our community. Whether it was his decision to endorse Kim Foxx for re-election as the “national example” of criminal justice reform, sponsoring the law to decriminalize fentanyl, or casting the deciding 60th vote to pass the SAFE-T Act, Walker has failed us and must be held accountable this election.

When I get to Springfield, I will fight to repeal the SAFE-T Act, crack down on violent crime, gangs, and drugs in our communities, and support law enforcement so that families across the northwest suburbs can feel safe at home and in our beloved Chicago.

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