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Vrett: Rep. Walker endangers community with SAFE-T Act vote

(Arlington Heights, IL) – State Representative Mark Walker continues to remain silent on his vote for the dangerous and highly unpopular SAFE-T Act that has been making news across the country as Illinoisans prepare for the mass release of offenders from county jails after January 1.

The SAFE-T Act, passed in the middle of the night in last year’s Lame Duck Session, is a sweeping overhaul to Illinois’ criminal justice and pre-trial detention system. Among other radical provisions, it eliminates cash bail, providing that criminal suspects will be detained before trial only in narrow circumstances, like certain non-probational forcible felonies unless a prosecutor can show by clear and convincing evidence that the defendant is a willful flight risk or poses a specific, real and present threat of harm to a specific person in the community. Many violent crimes will not qualify under this law.

As of January 1, 2023, prosecutors and law enforcement will find it substantially more difficult to keep violent criminal offenders and drug dealers off Illinois’ streets because of the new restrictions.

“I have studied the law closely,” said former criminal prosecutor and candidate for the 53rd District in the Illinois House of Representatives Jack Vrett. “It will make it effectively impossible for prosecutors to argue for the pre-trial detention of dangerous criminals in all but the rarest of circumstances. Rep. Walker must be held accountable for actively voting to decrease safety in our community. If elected, I will make repealing the radical elements of the SAFE-T Act my top priority.”

The SAFE-T Act has brought national attention to Illinois. Vrett sounded the alarm on the dangers of the SAFE-T Act, two weeks ago, in a nationally syndicated radio interview.

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