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Walker should be ashamed of his hypocrisy on doubling the gas tax.

Updated: Sep 9

Jack Vrett calls on Mark Walker to tell the truth about his role in the high price of gas.

"The high cost of daily life is making it hard for families to make ends meet, and high gas taxes just make it worse. State Representative Mark Walker is running expensive TV commercials claiming credit for a short pause in gas tax hikes this summer, even though he voted to double the gas tax in 2019 and passed a law that automatically increases them every year. I believe the best way to combat inflation, improve the economy, and make life more affordable, is to put more money back in the pockets of workers and families by providing reliable, long-term tax relief. Walker should stop these hypocritical and deceptive campaign ads, tell the truth about his record, and call on his fellow Democrats in Springfield to repeal the gas tax increase – so daily life is more affordable, and families get the relief they deserve."

Statement by Jack Vrett, candidate for State Representative in the 53rd District.

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