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We cannot afford two more years of Mark Walker.

Since he was first elected as State Representative for our community, Mark Walker has rubber-stamped tax increases, out-of-control government spending, and extreme criminal justice reforms that make our neighborhoods less safe. We simply cannot afford two more years with him as our representative in the General Assembly.

Walker voted to increase income taxes by 66% and sponsored legislation that could have opened the door to taxing retirement income and social security for our seniors and retirees. He doubled the gas tax, giving us all the second highest gas tax in the country, but then approved plans to give himself a taxpayer funded pay raise, twice. Walker endorsed Kim Foxx for re-election as the “national example” of criminal justice reform, cast the deciding vote to past the dangerous SAFE-T Act, and even sponsored the outrageous bill to decriminalize possession of dealer quantities of fentanyl to just a Class A Misdemeanor – the same as possession of alcohol by a minor.

The residents of the northwest suburbs deserve better. They deserve an independent, issues-focused representative who will fight for the interests of everyone, regardless of political party or ideology. I pledge to do just this. As an Afghanistan war veteran, a former prosecutor, a husband, and a father, I’m committed to embracing sensible solutions that make like safer and more affordable, and fighting to restore common sense in Springfield.

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